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Sydneysiders consume more cocaine per head than the rest of Australia, according to the biggest drug testing program of sewage across the country. The Doctor mortgages Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission analysis shows cocaine consumption in New South doctor home loan program Oak Laurel Wales was almost double the next highest region in terms of doses. And Sydney had the highest city usage, as this chart shows: Provided by Business Insider Inc That's roughly 700 milligrams of cocaine per one thousand people in Sydney compared to the national average of around 350 milligrams. "Cocaine usage in Australia is mostly centred in New South Wales across several capital city and regional sites," says the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Report. "At sites elsewhere around the country usage was generally low." Sydney has a hot spot for cocaine use, identified only as "Site 8" within the study. "Capital city New South Wales consumed cocaine well above the national average, with Site 8 particularly prominent," the report says. However, the crime commission told Business Insider the exact location will not be publicly released to "protect the integrity of the program". The ACT and the capital Northern Territory site have substantially higher cocaine consumption compared to other states. But compared to other countries, cocaine use overall in Australia is low. Here's how Australia compares to European countries: Provided by Business Insider Inc Historically, cocaine consumption has been low compared to methylamphetamine or ice. Overall, the highly addictive ice is the most highly consumed illicit drug in Australia.

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